Stefanski losing patience already

Just 37 games into the Eddie Jordan era of Sixers’ basketball, and the ice under his feet is already getting thin.

When pressed last week, Sixers general manager Ed Stefanski wouldn’t commit to Jordan coaching for the rest of the season. Instead, Stefanski simply said he’s “not happy at all” with the way the season has gone. Before Monday night’s win over the Hornets, Jordan said he hadn’t spoken to Stefanski about those comments.

“That was a conversation with you guys and we have different conversations,” Jordan said. “Some of them are private and some of them are trying to get the team better.”

In recent weeks, Jordan has come under fire for many things, including his celebrated Princeton offense — which has been relegated to the back burner — his questionable and unpredictable substitution patterns, and his apparent indifference toward playing defense.

Jordan claimed that Stefanski’s lack of support “doesn’t bother me” but a source close to the team said the coach has changed his tone recently. Once laughing and smiling during practices, he has become “tighter.”

Jordan is on a three-year deal and he’ll most likely get a chance to turn this thing around. Then again, the mere hint of a coaching change shows just how far this ship — sporting a 12-25 record — has veered off course.

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