Stoned driver pleads guilty to DUI in crash that killed 11-year-old

Max Drosi. Credit: PPD Max Drosi. Credit: PPD

A Florida man pleaded guilty Monday to fatally striking an 11-year-old girl in South Philadelphia in 2012 while driving under the influence of marijuana.

Max Drosi, of Miami Florida, pleaded guilty Monday to homicide by vehicle, aggravated assault and DUI for causing the crash that killed the child and injured four others, NBC reported.

Drosi was trying to find Geno’s Steaks on his GPS and looking at the GPS when he caused the crash.

A pathologist testified at Drosi’s preliminary hearing that he was incapable of driving due to being under the influence of marijuana. Police also reported that Drosi smelled of marijuana, had bloodshot eyes and an an unsteady gait.

Drosi allegedly was stoned and driving a 2012 Chevy Impala when he ran a red light at 8th Street and Washington Avenue, striking a Nissan SUV. The SUV then skidded into a nearby restaurant.

Samantha Nguyen-Ortanez, 11, who was walking with her family in the Italian Market, wwas pinned against the wall of the restaurant by the SUV and later died of her injuries.

The fatal crash occurred on March 25, 2012 around 12:30 p.m.

Drosi was reportedly looking at his GPS when he ran the light.

Nguyen-Ortanez, of Sicklerville, New Jersey, died, while her stepmother, 3-year-old brother, an employee of the restaurant and the female driver of the SUV were injured.

Sentencing for Drosi has yet to be scheduled.

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