Strangler hysteria grows on Facebook

Call it overzealous community policing or vengeful fear-mongering, but Facebook users are stirring the pot about the Kensington strangler.

On a fan page called “Catch the Kensington Strangler, before he catches someone you love,” a user posted a photo of a man they labeled a possible suspect. Police, however, released a statement saying that the man is not involved. People apparently showed up at his house.

“To administrators of this site and users: Please remove, and refrain from posting any photographs of individuals who are not officially identified as suspects by the Philadelphia Police Department. Failure to take appropriate actions may subject you to liability,” read a statement from police posted on the page.

Other pages have popped up on the social networking site referring to the suspect who has been connected with at least two murders since November and possibly a third. A user going by the name of “Derek Kensington-strangler Pacetti” said friends suggested he delete the page for fear that he might get arrested.

“I figured that since I’m not really the strangler, my DNA would clear me. You can’t get arrested for bad taste!” he responded in a message to Metro.

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