Strip Club Comedy in South Philly

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Stand-up comedy is always fun to experience, and most of the time, you can expect to hear adult-oriented, R-rated material from your favorite comic. So why not give that material an adult setting?
Enter “Comedy For Gentlemen” — a relatively new offering in the Philly comedy scene which will begin its monthly series on Friday, June 3 at 10 PM.

Instead of a comedy club, however, the show takes place at a far more unique location: the Republican Club, an adult entertainment establishment on Snyder Avenue in South Philly.

The creator and host of Comedy for Gentlemen, Rachel Fogletto, is no stranger to performing comedy in unusual locations. In her four years of doing stand-up comedy throughout the Philadelphia area, she’s performed everywhere from barbecue restaurants to even a room above an ice cream parlor.

“The Republican is a great and popular hangout spot as it is, and the venue is very supportive,” says Fogletto. “It’s an intimate environment with incredibly social staff who will make you feel like you’re hanging out with all your friends, and oh yeah, there’s a great show happening too.”

The June 3 edition of “Comedy for Gentlemen” will feature some of the area’s top comedians, including Rubi Nicholas (winner of Nickelodeon’s “Funniest Mom” contest), Keane Cobb, Mike Alloy, Sonia Zambrana, and Chris Wood. Each of these comedians has worked with Fogletto on past shows of hers, including Funny Females, an all-woman show at Ray’s Happy Birthday Bar in South Philly, and Comedy-Gasm, which recently completed a very successful 3-year run at the Irish Pol in Old City.

“Rachel has put on great shows in Philly for years now,” says Wood. “She’s crazy professional and knows how to create a fun night for an audience in any venue.”

“Tits and jokes. Who wouldn’t want to go to this?!” exclaims Zambrana.

Zambrana has a point: a comedy show in a gentlemen’s club is going to offer its audiences more than just drink specials. Once the comedians have finished their sets, patrons can expect to see live go-go dancing as an encore.

“I think the dancing is a really cool addition to a comedy show; it is truly a night of talent, variety and fun all around,” says Fogletto. “I think that dancers and comedians have a ton in common, mostly that we’re entertainers who are often misunderstood in some way and in actuality we are the coolest.”

The Republican Club is located at 1734 Snyder Avenue. Admission to the show is only $5 and guests must be 21 or over. Doors open at 9:30 p.m. and the show will kick off at 10 p.m.

<p>Rachel Fogletto, host and creator of “Comedy for Gentlemen.”</p>
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<p>Rachel Fogletto, host and creator of “Comedy for Gentlemen.”</p>
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