Summer Fridays: Corey Clement of the Philadelphia Eagles

Corey Clement of the Philadelphia Eagles tells us what he's looking forward to in Philly this summer. | Provided

Philadelphia Eagles running back Corey Clement is looking forward to a summer of fun, and after winning Super Bowl LII this year, he and the whole team could use some well-deserved R&R. The 23-year-old Glassboro, NJ native caught up with Metro to talk about his favorite places to hang out in Philly when summertime hits as well how to stay cool when the temperature rises.

Name: Corey Clement
Age: 23
Occupation: Running back for the Philadelphia Eagles

What do you love most about Philly in the summer?
Going to the pier near the Ben Franklin Bridge and just enjoying the weather and the sights. I think that’s a pretty good sanctuary to relax your mind.

Best way to keep cool?
We have a ton of Rita’s Water Ice around Philly, so I stay cool eating that.

Best outdoor event?
The outdoor event I look forward to most is The Roots Picnic because I am very music-oriented and my family is as well.

Best thing to eat?
I love to eat pizza, so wherever the best pizza is in Philly, I am there.

Best place to hang out with friends?
Definitely South Street. They have a lot of cool spots to buy some clothes and shoes and hang out and eat. Rittenhouse has a great area too to just hang out.

Best summer memory in Philly? 
When I was growing up, I got the chance to see Donovan McNabb for the first time at a camp here [at the NovaCare Complex] in the bubble, so now that I get the chance to play for the Eagles is awesome.

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