Surprise! The Parking Authority could photograph your license plate

Don’t you hate getting parking tickets for a vehicle that’s not yours?

Well, your problems could soon be solved. Officials with the Philadelphia Parking Authority testified today in Harrisburg that parking enforcement officers will start taking photographs of motorists’ license plates early next year.

According to PPA spokesman Marty O’Rourke, the new practice will begin in about six months. Each parking enforcement officer will carry the devicePhotographs will not be taken in every instance, but the agency has not decided what violations will require photos.

“They’re not going to photograph every violation, but just some of the more egregious violations like handicap parking,” O’Rourke said.

The state-run agency will institute the tactic in response to questions from lawmakers who say some of their constituents have complained of tickets despite not being in the city.

“This will be better evidence to basically show the license plate of the vehicle that was ticketed,” O’Rourke added, although he was not sure what type of device would be used to take the photos.

Most of the authority’s revenue goes to city government, while a portion also funds the School District of Philadelphia.

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