Suspect charged in dirt bike attack

Gregory Stevens
PHOTO: Police

A 27-year-old man was charged after a viral video circulated on social media showing a dirt bike rider attacking a driver on Broad Street in South Philadelphia.

Authorities say Gregory Stevens, of Northeast Philadelphia, also shot a pharmacist during a robbery last month in Juniata.

Police say a group of dirt bikes and ATVs stopped suddenly just before 6 p.m. last Tuesday on the 1100 block of S. Broad Street. An SUV collided with one of the bikes, and the 25-year-old driver got out to check on the rider, according to prosecutors.

Stevens allegedly demanded money and became aggressive, assaulting the driver. At one point in the video, a man believed to Stevens grabs a gun, though he decides not to use it at the urging of bystanders.

He is also accused of throwing cinder blocks and bricks at the SUV, causing several windows to break. The driver sustained minor injuries, according to police.

Earlier in the day Tuesday, the District Attorney’s Office issued an arrest warrant for Stevens in connection with a Feb. 22 shooting inside a pharmacy on the 3900 block of Kensington Avenue.

Prosecutors said he pulled out a gun and demanded “Oxys” from the pharmacist. During a struggle, Stevens allegedly shot him in the chest and fled the scene in a running car.

He was charged with attempted murder, robbery, aggravated assault and related crimes for the shooting and aggravated assault, firearms violations and other offenses for the dirt bike incident.

At the time of his arrest, Stevens was on parole after pleading guilty in 2014 to a robbery in Luzerne County. He also has a pending drug case in Philadelphia.

Court records indicate his bail was set Saturday at 10% of $5 million.

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