Suspect wanted for sexual assaults on boys in Philadelphia resurfaces

Philadelphia Police Headquarters
A new oversight commission will be established to monitor the Philadelphia Police Department, after voters approved it this month.
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Police of Philadelphia’s Special Victims Unit are on the hunt for a suspect wanted for sexual assaults on boys in Phildelphia. The suspect targets young boys, luring them into his car.

Since May of last year the unidentified predator has been on the SVU’s radar after he attempted to kidnap males all around the city by asking for help pumping his gas in exchange for money.

Last November there were three very similar reported incidents that fit the suspect’s description, a heavy set black male in his 30s. After a recent incident reported by a young boy on April 26, Philadelphia police believe the suspect has resurfaced after months of inactivity.

A 12-year-old was walking to school when he came into contact with a man fitting with the same description this past Thursday. The suspect, who told the boy his name was Malik, approached him in a burgundy Subaru. He offered the boy money for help pumping his gas. The 12-year-old said yes and got into the vehicle.

After speaking with the boy, Captain Mark Burgmann stated that “while they were driving, (Malik) pulled out his cell phone and began to show our 12-year-old victim pornographic videos. While they were riding around, he indecently assaulted the male.”

The suspect then dropped the boy off roughly 15 minutes later where he picked him up on the 5800 block of Baltimore Avenue in Southwest Philadelphia.

“When I read (about the latest incident) this morning, it was clear to me it’s the same individual committing all of these,” said Burgmann. “The most alarming thing about this is, he’s not going to stop… not going to stop at all.”

Police are working to obtain surveillance video of the car used in this latest incident. In the meantime, police are urging parents in Philadelphia to be on the look out for the suspect and talk to their children about the dangers of getting into cars with strangers.

“Everybody should be aware. Listen, there are predators out there,” warned Captian Burgmann.

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