Sweet Caroline! Jock Jams, Penn State edition

Penn State is changing more than just its uniforms this season. They’re changing the music played at games, too.

Neil Diamond’s classic tune, “Sweet Caroline,” has been banned from the Beaver Stadium playlist due to the lyrics, “touching me, touching you.”

Yes, folks, that is correct. In the wake of the Jerry Sandusky scandal, those words are simply unacceptable, according to school officials.

Which got us wondering, what other songs might be banned at Penn State this season …

Here’s our Scarlet Letter-esque list:

“Come on Eileen” — you probably thought this Dexys Midnight Runners classic was innocent when you were younger. Listen to it again, this time with your adult ears

MGMT’s “Kids” — don’t really think this one needs any explaining …

“Hey Joe” by Jimi Hendrix — So the lyrics don’t relate in any way to the Penn State scandal. Still, there’s something telling (ironic?) about the line: “Hey Joe, Where you gonna run to now where you gonna go?”

“My Sharona” — credit ace reporter Alexandra Wigglesworth for spotting this one. Had no clue, read the lyrics. This could be the theme song for The Second Mile.

“Party Rock Anthem” — no reason other than this might be the worst song ever recorded (by the worst band ever assembled), and our ear drums bleed whenever we hear it. Enough.

“PYT” and really anything by Michael Jackson

with that being said, we still love MJ so enjoy …

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