Take full advantage of being a student

College can be more than simply books and classrooms. It can be a lifestyle, or at least, beneficial in more ways that go beyond education.

Academic help: All schools offer help through in two main areas — writing and math/science — and many offer help in foreign languages and other subjects as well. Most schools also have workshops for skills like time management, study habits and coping with test anxiety. Check the school’s website for “student learning.”

Careers: The career services office will help you find internships and jobs while you’re in school or when you’re graduating. Visit for job listings, resume help, practice interviews and more. These services are generally also available to alumni.

Health and wellness: The size of the student health center varies according to the size of the school; but even small schools generally have registered nurses who can treat illness and injuries. Nutrition, wellness and drug abuse information is also available. To stay active, check out the fitness center for individual workouts or join an intramural program for sports.

Counseling: Whether you’re fighting with a roommate or handling more serious problems, you can seek one-on-one sessions, ongoing groups or one-time workshops at the counseling center. Check your school’s website under “campus life” or “student services.”

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