Taste Test: Deschutes Brewery brings big taste from Oregon


Bend, Ore.-based Deschutes might just be “the best brewery you never heard of,” said Deschutes’ Aaron Calihan at Jose Pistola’s (263 S. 15th St.) last week, where representatives of the brewer were on hand to pass out samples of their award-winning Mirror Pond Pale Ale and other beers.

Deschutes started selling full-time in our area during the last Philly Beer Week; the beers are now available “west of Chicago, and in southeastern Pennsylvania,” Calihan said. The independent, family-run company picked the Philadelphia market, where it’s now making a big push, because we’re a beer-lovin’ type of town.

“Philly is such a good beer town, it really knows its craft beer,” Calihan said. “So when you come out here, you have to bring it. You have to come correct.”

Members of the Metro contingent at Jose Pistola’s were big fans of the flavorful Mirror Pond. The rich and smooth Obsidian Stout didn’t coat our tongues or leave a lingering aftertaste — definitely a plus — and the complex Jubelale, a seasonal brew, was also a hit.

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