Temple preps for Cincinnati, deny QB controversy

Despite a succession of fumbles and offensive ineptitude by Temple’s offense during lopsided losses to Rutgers, Pitt and Louisville, it’s still not time for the “Juice” to be loose. At least, not when the Owls host Cincinnati (6-2) this weekend.

Chris Coyer will remain the starting quarterback. Backup Clinton “Juice” Granger, who has mopped up those three losses while dealing with a sprained ankle, and Penn State transfer Kevin Newsome, who received reps with the starters this week, will continue to wait their turn.

“I’m trying to look at the body of work,” said Addazio. “I think Chris really played quite well in that [Louisville] game until we turned it over. I don’t want to minimize that because those turnovers kill you. But, up to that point, Chris probably played some of his best football. I liked his leadership and energy.

“At this stage of the game, that’s what gives our team its best chance to win. But we’ll see what develops.”

The still unanswered question remains, when does their season end? Temple’s desperately been trying to schedule a 12th game — reportedly Dec. 7 at Hawaii — which Addazio sees as nothing but positive.

“I think it would be tremendous for us to have another game at the end,” said Addazio, who might need that game to be Bowl eligible. “It means more practice time; another game for a young football team.

“Obviously, every team in America’s got 12 games. We’ve got 11. If something can happen to create that, I’d certainly be all for it. I know our team would embrace that.”

For now, Temple (3-5) will be wind up the season traveling to Army, then hosting Syracuse on Nov. 23.

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