Temple University suspends fraternity for accusations of sexual assault and underage drinking

Temple University in Philadelphia

School officials of Philadelphia’s Temple University has suspended the fraternity Alpha Epsilon Pi following allegations of sexual assault, underage drinking and drug use. Officials made the decision after receiving what they deemed several credible reports of misconduct at the frat house.

“The university has received multiple credible reports from various sources alleging underage drinking, the excessive use of alcohol, possibly drugs and sexual misconduct, including sexual assault, during social activities at Alpha Epsilon Pi,” Associate Vice President Ray Betzner wrote to the campus community.

“While these allegations are being investigated, the university has suspended the organization’s rights and privileges to operate as a recognized fraternity pending investigations by Temple and city police.”

After hearing the allegations, members of the fraternity issued a statement two weeks ago, claiming they knew nothing about the reported incidents when they first surfaced.

Since, Captain Mark Burgmann of the Special Victims’ Unit of Philadelphia has stated otherwise. One of the reported incidents involving a 19-year old has been forwarded to the DA’s office for criminal charges.

In another incident that took place in March, a 19-year old female came forward this month, telling police she was given drinks by members of the Alpha Epsilon Pi that may have caused her to black out.

“She said she became dizzy and disoriented and that’s the last thing she remembered until she woke up in bed with one of the members of the fraternity. She believed she was sexually assaulted,” Captain Burgmann shared.

The victim of  third alleged incident has yet to be interviewed while police continue to conduct an ongoing investigation into the fraternity, whose suspension did not surprise their college peers.

“Usually like the parties are crazy, you see it walking by here, it’s not surprising,” Temple University freshman Dejah Martin told 6ABC.

Temple University has since issued a statement urging any victims of sexual misconduct to come forward as well as students with knowledge about any of the incidents reported.

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