Tension surfaces between Councilmen Green and Kenney

Tension between Councilmen Jim Kenney and Bill Green seemed to bubble to the surface as they bantered back and forth several times during City Council this afternoon.

Green was the lone opponent of Kenney’s bill that would ban employers from taking a portion of workers’ tips to cover credit card fees, which eventually passed. “I agree with the policy behind this bill, but I think the bill goes further than necessary to protect workers from abuse,” Green said. “This is a tax increase targeted at businesses and I urge my colleagues to vote no.”

“I think the bill speaks for itself, but I would like to thank Councilman Green for his continued scrutiny of every bill I introduce,” Kenney replied. “I feel like I have a second legal assistant.”

Then, as the session neared its close, Kenney made a speech about the National Sandwich Day competition he judged on Nov. 3 and doled out free Primo’s hoagies to Councilmembers.

Green asked to be recognized and addressed Kenney on the record. “I would like to congratulate him on this extremely important, substantive speech he just gave,” Green said.

“I would like to advise Councilman Green to chew his hoagie thoroughly so he doesn’t choke,” Kenney retorted.

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