Terry Bradshaw certainly has a life worth singing about

Terry Bradshaw

Terry Bradshaw is a man with many talents. The former NFL quarterback has made quite an illustrious career for himself after leaving the football field acting in films, appearing on ESPN as an analyst and now showcasing his musical talents. Bradshaw is well aware that audiences may not realize he can sing, and that’s part of the fun with his 80-minute colorful extravaganza, “The Terry Bradshaw Show.” The show, which has a residency in Las Vegas, follows Bradshaw’s life from his early youthful days to his athletic career to the present day and everything in between. Bradshaw sat down with Metro to discuss his show, his untold musical talents and what he loves the most about performing onstage. 

Terry Bradshaw certainly has a life worth singing about

What first inspired you to create “The Terry Bradshaw Show?”

Years ago, I had someone come up to me who had heard me speak, and they told me that I should take my act to Vegas. I have always wanted to play Vegas, but I didn’t want to just speak—I wanted to sing, people really don’t know that about me. I was talking to my manager, he had discovered Bobby Darrin and got Wayne Newton to Vegas, and I told him that I wanted to go through with putting a show together. He thought it’d be great, but when he asked what exactly I wanted to do, I said I don’t know— maybe tell the story of my life? It’s had so many ups and downs and just so many interesting things happen, so I wanted to create a script written for my life and then put it to song. We got to work with a guy named John Mack, a comedy writer, and I started telling my story to him–we spent probably two years putting this show together. We then hired David Goldsmith to write the songs along with the story of my life–all original songs, covering being just a dumb kid in high school, to me making my way to Louisiana Tech football, to getting injured and then retiring. That’s how it all got started. We did take some time off, but now we brought it back. People might not really know why they are coming to see Terry Bradshaw. They don’t know that I sing, and maybe when they leave they still won’t think I can sing, who knows?

I honestly did not know that you sang either! How does it feel to have people finally know your musical talents? Any songs that stand out to you from your show?

We did have one drunk guy tell me that I stunk the joint up and he was mad that he came. So, I told him, why don’t you leave? But overall, it does feel good to have people compliment my music, especially if they had no idea. One song I do love to sing in the end, it’s not original but it’s a great finale song—”What a Wonderful World.” I added it in because I wanted a really beautiful ending to the show. I also enjoy a song that I did with Glen Campbell, “You Don’t Know How Good You’ve Got It.” It’s about when I got hurt and couldn’t play anymore, the lyrics and everything, it’s all just really clever. But I’ve also got some fabulous backup singers for the show as well, gosh they are just so good. All of the original songs David wrote are also just so well written and fun to do. Personally, I would want to do away with the story and just focus on the songs, but MGM doesn’t want me to do that—I’m not Cher and I don’t have any hit songs or records so I guess I have to agree with them. It is my story that separates me from everybody else and makes it fun.

Terry Bradshaw

Since the show is about your life, are even your biggest fans going to learn more about you? How in-depth does the show go?

I think so. They think they know me from television—but you know what this may even confirm that they do actually know me. I’m a fun-loving guy who loves to entertain, loves to laugh, loves self-deprecating humor, and to me, the glass is always half full. I’m a one hundred percent positive human being, and my whole point in doing this show is to entertain and have people leave the show feeling good. The more I do the show, the better it gets and hopefully, I can do this for years and years.

What is your favorite aspect of performing on stage?

The smiles on the people’s faces and seeing them have fun. That is what makes me feel good, to get out and start the show and see the crowds getting excited, people hollering, stomping their feet, applauding— it makes me feel really good. That’s just an awesome feeling, to know that people are having so much fun, and that’s why I’m there.

Catch Terry Bradshaw Dec. 6 at the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa at 8 pm. For tickets visit theborgata.com

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