The Battle of the Bolarises II

Yes, as you (and I) were distracted by Nancy Grace holding court about
the Casey Anthony verdict or whatnot, @JohnBolaris has rebranded
him/herself as @FakeJohnBolaris.

Second Tweet: “Any hot Eastern Europeans in Manayunk tonight I want to take Chuck out to celebrate our victory!” (In which Chuck represents his attorney Chuck Peruto).

Said Peruto this morning, “The fake Twitter account knew we were days away from finding out who it was with our IT guys and did the right thing.”

Then, Peruto added that he was actually on Nancy Grace last night talking about the Casey Anthony verdict. Said Peruto of Grace, “She’s so f—— ugly, I could get a client off on a caught-inside burglary [if she was prosecutor].”

Anyway, Fake Bolarises most recent Tweet: He/she asks @iPhillyChitChat, “Do you think spray tan makes me look orange in photos?”
For what it’s worth, Real John Bolaris hasn’t Tweeted since July 2, three days after he opened the account.

Update your records.

Previously: The Battle of the Bolarises.

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