The best 4/20 munchies in Philly

If you plan on starting your 4/20 celebrations early, Beiler's donuts are a must. | Visit Philly
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With tomorrow being 4/20, marijuana enthusiasts all over the globe will be lighting up to celebrate the occasion. But what happens when the munchies set in? Before you go tearing into that forgotten box of cereal in your kitchen cabinet, consider these tasty options for your 4/20 munchies attack.

1. Crispy cheese curds from Bud & Marilyn’s ($9)

Once you pop, you just can’t stop with the cheese curds from Bud & Marilyn’s (1234 Locust St.). These breaded and fried, cheesy delicacies are made with Wisconsin cheddar, smoked guajillo chile salsa and burnt scallion ranch.

2. Pot stickers from baology (various prices)

Can you ever really stop eating pot stickers? The answer is no, and that’s why baology (1829 JFK Blvd.) has given you multiple pricing options for ordering their pan-seared dumplings. Choose from chicken and garlic chives; pork, shrimp and spinach or seasonal vegetables in sets of three, six, nine or 12.

3. Popcorn chicken from Redcrest Fried Chicken ($6-$8)

It was always a good day at the school cafeteria when popcorn chicken was on the menu, but now that you’re a grown-up, you deserve a major upgrade in quality. Thanks to the recently opened Redcrest Fried Chicken on East Passyunk (1525 South 11th St.), you can get either buttermilk or spicy popcorn chicken, along with an array of sauces ($1 each) for dipping. Yum!

4. Lorenzo’s pizza ($3.50)

When you have the munchies, a pizza slice the size of your head always sounds like a good idea, and Lorenzo’s (305 South Street) is the place to go for that. Toppings are $1 if you want to get creative (which is “highly” likely if you’ve been really getting into the 4/20 spirit) and they’re open until 4 a.m., which is perfect if planning ahead isn’t your thing.

5. Beiler’s donuts (various prices)

Maybe you’re planning a nice wake and bake on 4/20? You’re going to need breakfast appropriate munchies for that and Beiler’s donuts  is the ultimate choice. You can choose from a rainbow of flavors like Fruity Pebbles (in chocolate or vanilla), maple bacon, banana creme, salty caramel and more. You can get a single donut for $1.10 or go for a dozen at only $10.99. They’ve also got two locations: one in  in Reading Terminal Market (51 N. 12th St.) and a standalone store in West Philly (3900 Chestnut St.). 

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