The best water ice in Philly that you can get delivered

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Let New Yorkers have their boozy popsicle trend. You know that nothing’s better as a summer chiller than the classic water ice.

The Philly classic, which you’ve tried to tell your friends from out of town is neither a slushy nor a snow cone (and far superior to both), is almost the perfect way to beat the heat this summer. (Which, by the way, is supposed to be a scorcher.) The one thing that could bump it from good to great? Getting your favorite flavor of water ice delivered so you don’t have to leave the comfortably chilly cloud of your overworked AC unit manages to produce.

We know you have your favorite go-to when you’re out around town. We’re not trying to replace your ritual Rita’s run. But there are days when you just can’t face the heat and humidity, and that shouldn’t deprive you of the traditional treat. That’s why Metro teamed up with Grubhub, that glorious food delivery service that satisfies all your cravings without the hassles of commuting, weather or pants. We found the very best of that Philly classic, water ice, that’s available through Grubhub for delivery so that you can kick back and wait for chill to come to you.

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Fear not: In order to make the ranking, they had to get high marks from real diner like you who were satisfied with their water ice and the delivery experience. So make sure you have the Grubhub app, then check to see which of these places boasting water ice delivery to your door.

The best water ice in Philly on Grubhub

If you live in this restaurant’s delivery zone, add the water ice to your cart now. It scored top marks not only for flavor — there are several available, of course — but also quality upon delivery. So you know the sweet treat is already road tested before you hit “place order.”

Big Ben Pizza

7266 Rising Sun Ave
(215) 220-6739
See their menu

Getting your water ice to your door in delicious condition with this place, which reviews say is “very quick and efficient” with “super fast delivery.” One top reviewer claimed they’re “never disappointed” when they place an order with Big Ben and diner after diner tipped their hat to the low prices. The only hard part of the process will be deciding whether to go with a taste that makes you feel tropical like mango or pineapple, a classic like cherry or rainbow.

Runners up for the best water ice in Philly on Grubhub

Runners up isn’t quite accurate. For people who don’t live in the delivery zone of Big Ben Pizza, these are the other high-quality options for water ice that you can get through Grubhub. They fought hard for the top spot and have equally high praise for their food and delivery, so don’t think twice about adding a second water ice to your cart if you’re scrolling through these menus.


Scoop DeVille

1315 Walnut St
(215) 383-1911
See their menu

We know you love water ice. You know you want to order water ice. But beware: this is one menu that might distract you from satisfying your sweet tooth — for the best reason ever. It has some of the most tempting sweet treats available, and the options seem to go on forever. If you’re set on the Philly classic, head down to the “Something Different” section where you can choose from flavors of water ice from blueberry to lemonade (and pair it with a funnel cake for good measure). “Nothing was melted, everything was great. We will be ordering from here again,” one diner raved, with another top review declaring it “one of my all-time favorites!”



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Liberty Bell Diner

8445 Frankford Ave
(215) 398-1937
See their menu

Oh boy, do they get you and your water ice addiction. They offer not just the normal sizes but also an XL, the sweet treat size you never knew you needed. Crank up the AC, wait for the delivery guy to arrive, then say hello to Netflix and chill for real. Good thing you can trust your treat will make it mint condition: “Always great food and service the best diner in the northeast,” a top reviewer commented, nodding to the delivery that was “well before the estimated time.” But maybe this diner said it best: “1st. They delivered during a blizzard 2nd. They driver was on time and just as polite as usual 3rd. THE FOOD TOUCHED MY SOUL.”


Station Pizza

9319 Krewstown Rd
(215) 676-6969
See their menu

Sorry, no XL size here, but we won’t tell if you just order two instead. Diners gave Station Pizza high marks for being “delicious and on time” with their delivery, even through stormy weather. (So hot and humid should be nothing!) They were also given multiple nods for consistency, with reviews noting that they put out “good food every time” with “quick service.”


So gather the gang for a night in and beat the heat with a round of water ice. After all, this sweet treat is Obama-approved.


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