The Cheesesteak Segway Tour

In the quest for the “best Philly cheesesteak,” shouldn’t getting there be half the fun? After all, why walk or drive when you can Segway? That’s right. A Cheesesteak Segway Tour. Genius. This two-hour tour from Philly by Segway takes hungry enthusiasts throughout the city to five hand-picked locations to indulge in this gooey masterpiece and then let their very full bellies decide who deserves to win the crown!
All venues are predetermined by the personal preference of said tour guide but of course, always include Pat’s King of Steaks, Geno’s Steaks and Jim’s Steaks since it’s quite hard to ignore their immense popularity. What is open for discussion however, is the most important question to ask before taking your first bite “What would you like on your cheesesteak?”

Michael Ford, who’s given this tour over 250 times in its five year history says that the majority of his customers prefer “wiz wit”— (Cheez Whiz with fried onions for all those who don’t understand the Philly vernacular ) and could care less about dousing it with ketchup. For the record, he loves whiz without and topped with the red stuff from Sonny’s in Old City.

After you’re taught how to maneuver the Segway inside their Old City facility, it’s off to see and taste Philly. No guided tour is complete without learning a little history about Philly as the journey covers Old City, Chinatown, Society Hill, South Street and Bella Vista. Once you arrive at each stop, the guide picks up said sandwich in line and returns with it cut in quarters to share. When all is said and done, customers receive the equivalent of one and a quarter sandwich. Kevin and Mary Markwell from Chicago had differing opinions of their top choice. “I love Pats,” said Kevin while Mary thought Sonny’s deserved first place since it was all about the cheese. (Their sandwiches were all topped with Cheese Whiz, fried onions and mushrooms.) But all could agree that riding a Segway through Philly to enjoy its most iconic sandwich is the way to go. “It sure beats walking,” says the Markwells. Nuff said.

If you go:
Cheesesteak Segway Tour
Sunday – Fridays
2:30 p.m.
Ages 14 and up
$85 per person

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