The Costa artistic expression

She might have been in the music business since she was 5, courtesy of her father, the late, great producer Don Costa. She might well be Frank Sinatra’s goddaughter and maybe grew up surrounded by music icons. But one thing about Nikka Costa is obvious: With her knock-your-socks-off funked-up soulful voice and fired-up spirit, this girl would have made it regardless of her roots.

The singer has recently stocked her YouTube channel (Nikka’s Box), with fun videos for her June-released R&B meets electro pop EP, “Pro*Whoa!”

For the lovely ballad, “Chase the Thrill,” she re-created the shower scene from “Psycho.”

She boxes with members of her band in the vid for the EP’s title track. But what’s this shoutout titled “Streaking,” where she is stark naked?

“America is so prudish,” Costa says. “There’s a bar over my boobs most of the time. Then there’s one part where I walk away and the bar stays there and I go, ‘Ooh ooh’ and pull it back across.”

What you see then is blurred flesh. Don’t get her started on censorial powers that are OK with a woman being killed, but not OK with bare boobs.

“They’re OK with a murder, of course. They sell bullets at Wal-Mart,” she scoffs. “It truly took about four minutes to film, then it became a big deal.”

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