The definition of insanity

Eddie Jordan may be in trouble. Thirty-six games into his career as Sixers coach, the incompetence of The Professor is so painfully obvious, even his equally clueless boss, Ed Stefanski, is beginning to see it.

Please allow me to place Jordan’s stunning lack of ability into some historical context. Jordan is Rich Kotite, the blowhard Eagles coach who was banished from football after a one-win season in New York. Jordan is John Felske, a Phillies manager whose next job was managing Jiffy Lube. Jordan is Doug Moe, a Sixer bust who took more time picking out his loud jackets than coaching his team.
And this is the predicament Stefanski faces as he ponders the immediate future of a team he is systematically — and unwittingly — dismantling: Is there a single reason to believe a coach with a career 241-313 record will turn around an 11-25 basketball team?

Of course, the answer is no. Now, we all just have to wait for Stefanski to build up the courage to approach his boss, Ed Snider, and ask to fire Jordan with two and a half years and many millions left on his deal. If Snider were smart, he would fire Stefanski while he was at it, but that won’t happen. And the owner of the team, Comcast, won’t address the real problem and dump Snider.

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