The Eagles and Ezekiel Elliot appear to have strong mutual interest

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The Eagles need an impact running back and Ezekiel Elliot –the Ohio State phenom who runs with speed, power and emotion — is slated to go right around where the Eagles pick at No. 8.

But sheer speculation isn’t the only evidence to support the inference that Philly will snatch the runner given the chance in two weeks when the NFL draft begins.

Elliot visited the Eagles last Wednesday, andAccording to James Walker of ESPN, Philadelphia is the team that seem most intent with choosing him in the first round.

In Monday’s meeting with print journalists at the NovaCare complex, Howie Rosemandidn’t refute the possibility of Elliot wearing green on draft night.

“You talk about the elite guys and where they are coming from, it’s hard to find three-down backs,” Roseman said. “When you get a chance to look at someone like that, it changes the discussion. On your board you have guys that are role players, first-and-second down guys, guys that can play on third down. But to have that complete back, changes the dynamics of your offense.”

Roseman went on to say that the former Buckeye, who ran for almost 4,000 yards during his college career was indeed a complete back.

“What he does with the ball not in his hands is rare,” he continued. “You see it, he has got a mentality where he wants to pass protect. He will be a lead blocker, which is rare in college football right now.”

The Eagles have a void to fill now that DeMarco Murray is a Tennessee Titan after just one season in South Philly. And linebacker BrandonGraham (who, for the record, went to OSU’s heated rival Michigan) also wants the Eagles to tag Elliot as Murray’s replacement alongside Darren Sproles and Ryan Mathews.

If the Birds do not snatch Elliot, they are expected to address their offensive line in the first round by taking someone like Notre Dame’s Ronnie Stanley.

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