The Glow Jack O’Lantern Experience opens at Fairmount Park

The Glow Jack O'Lantern Experience

The Glow Jack O’Lantern Experience is lighting up Fairmount Park in Philadelphia. The event, celebrating its second year in Philly, opened on Friday with more than 5,000 hand carved pumpkins on display.

The pumpkins fill roughly a 1/3 of a mile of the park along with larger than life structures. The hand-carved pumpkins feature the likes of iconic figures from Tom Petty to Mickey Mouse, pirates, sea-creatures, dinosaurs and more. The Philadelphia event even has specially carved Philadelphia Eagles pumpkins and a graveyard featuring the New England Patriots!

A year-round effort

“We are so excited to be bringing this enchanting Halloween wonderland,” shared Shannon Donnelly, the vice president of The Glow.

“We have a team of more than 15 artists, carvers and producers who’ve been working year-round to create this magical event sure to captivate audiences of all ages.”

Glow Jack O'Lantern Experience

Carvers placed all around Fairmount Park are on hand to demonstrate their skills to spectators who can take in the Halloween scene as they enjoy fall-themed foods and beverages following their 30-minute walk on the pumpkin trail named Jack’s Lane.

Locations and ticket pricing

The Glow Jack O’Lantern Experience is not only held in Philadelphia but Pittsburgh as well as Washington, D.C. and Charlotte, North Carolina.

The Glow runs every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday night through Oct. 28. Ticket pricing starts at $16 with advance tickets required and includes free parking. The event is rain or shine.

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