The most judgmental map of Philly and South Jersey there is

judgmental map

The newest — and probably best — judgmental map of Philadelphia has hit the Interwebs and even though it’s bringing laughs, frankly, we’re a little offended. Who stopped saying “jawn??”

On Wednesday, posted its Philadelphia map, created by @rscottfallon, known as Redbone on Tumblr and Twitter. It’s rather comprehensive, incorporating several South Jersey towns including “Painkillers and Pinot Noir,” “Inept Lawyers” and “Diners with Vinyl Seats and Botulism.” What Jersey diners DON’T have vinyl seats?

Redbone, we actually don’t care that your map makes little to no sense. It’s just funny to read all the crazy phrases you came up with. And we love that Norristown has been transformed to just a whole neighborhood of Swiss Cheese Perverts.

But take note Redbone, Twitter users were bellyaching to expand your coverage area just a bit. Where is Northwest Philly? Where’s the Northeast? And let’s get into “Hellaware” a bit more! And for Pete’s sake, change that bolded font! (Okay that was just me and Reddit userwhocareswhatever.)

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