The Museum of the American Revolution is opening an interactive exhibit all about Hamilton

Museum of the American Revolution

The Museum of the American Revolution is launching their new Hamilton Was Here: Rising Up in Revolutionary Philadelphia exhibit on Saturday, October 27. The interactive playscape reveals connections between Philadelphia and Alexander Hamilton’s extraordinary contributions to the nation’s founding.

Museum of the American Revolution is opening a new interactive exhibit all about Hamilton 

What makes this exhibit at the Museum of the American Revolution fun is the responsive aspects involved. Through playful interactives, scenic environments, and facilitated games, visitors will actively engage in the challenges of founding and maintaining a country and will be inspired to carry these lessons forward as they face the challenges of citizenship today. There will also be a facilitated program specifically for schools for the exhibit as well. 

There will be six key sections involved with Hamilton Was Here for patrons to experience. Each section highlights different aspects of Hamilton’s political rise in the Philadelphia region, including his roles as an artillery officer in Washington’s army as it tried to defend the city from the British during the Revolutionary War; his position as a political leader who helped create the United States Constitution; his role as an advisor to President Washington when Philadelphia served as the national capital; and his position as the first Secretary of the Treasury who envisioned the financial future of the nation in his Philadelphia office.

Do you have what it takes to be like Hamilton and command artillerymen? Find out in Hamilton’s Artillery section. Want to learn about duels back in the Revolutionary time? Check out the section on Hamilton’s First Duel. Hamilton’s first experience with dueling was in Philadelphia, in what is now the Port Richmond section of the city. The Museum of the American Revolution wants history to come alive with the new exhibit. 

Other sections include Hamilton’s Constitution, Hamilton’s Economy, Hamilton’s Army and Hamilton’s President where you can experience Hamilton’s role in shaping and influencing the presidency, including his advice on how President Washington should manage his time and his public image. 

Museum of the American Revolution

All patrons who visit the new exhibit at the Museum of the American Revolution even get souvenirs to take home with them. Each visitor to  Hamilton Was Here: Rising Up in Revolutionary Philadelphia will receive a “Flat Hamilton” cut-out – inspired by Flat Stanley – to take home, as well as a map of locations in the Philadelphia region where Hamilton made his mark. Visitors are encouraged to follow in Hamilton’s footsteps and snap a picture of Flat Hamilton at the various locations to share on social media with the hashtag #HamiltonWasHere. Find out more at

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