The new Champion Philadelphia store honors Philly in a unique way

Champion Athleticwear store Philly
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Champion Athleticwear has been manufacturing authentic athletic apparel for years — 100 years, to be exact. This historic and iconic company knows how to make a statement with clothing, and even as the decades pass the brand shows no sign of slowing down. Some may think the brand is dated. Boy, are they wrong. Recently Champion opened a new store that is completely Philly strong, boasting plenty of fabulous Philly products, designs and more. You’ll just have to see it firsthand to get the true experience. If you haven’t been, you are in for a treat.

The new Philly location is the brand’s fifth retail store in the U.S., and the first in the City of Brotherly Love. Champion is located right in the heart of Center City, and the great location is almost as impressive as the products.

“We are excited to come to Philadelphia with a new store that truly celebrates the city and the rich culture that makes it so special,” said David Robertson, director of Champion brand marketing, in a release. “Philadelphia has a rich tradition in sports, the arts, academics and cuisine, and we look forward to becoming a part of this one-of-a-kind community. The Center City location is the perfect place for our brand to build an impactful connection with the city for years to come as we look to further enrich the community through events and unique products. From vintage Champion Philadelphia sports memorabilia to exclusive Philadelphia pieces, we’re creating an immersive hub of activity that helps us to genuinely connect with our customers beyond our quality Champion products.”

The new store is massive, boasting 3,040 square feet. This is also Champion’s first-ever two-story venue as well. The entire second floor is dedicated to customization, allowing customers to have an interactive experience while shopping. The best part? Customization doesn’t take weeks or even days — it takes just a few minutes or hours, depending on what you get. Philadelphians can pick from different colors, fonts and patches to create their own unique and special article of clothing.

Champion Athleticwear store Philly

According to the release, the new store will also work to transcend a typical retail space by creating a welcoming hub for the community to engage with the brand via monthly in-store activations and events such as live screen printing.

Once inside the store, be sure to check out the gorgeous mural by Alloyius Mcilwaine, who is known for his intricate and captivating works of art and a “yarn bomb” installation by Ishknits. Champion wanted to incorporate everything about Philly, including its prominent art scene, into the store. The mural is completely Philly and embodies everything that makes the city great. From the Eagles to Philly soft pretzels to the Liberty Bell, it’s all in there. Both Alloyius and Ishknits drew upon Champion designs and their love for the city of Philadelphia as their inspiration for the pieces.

The Philly location will also feature one-of-a-kind merchandise like the Champion Philadelphia capsule collection. National and local collaborations will cycle in and out of the store.

Reverse Weave, the brand’s signature franchise, will also be on display in a vast array of colorful sweatshirts, hoodies and joggers. Visitors to the Philadelphia Champion store will also have direct access to the brand’s latest Spring 2019 collection featuring footwear, bags, hats and other exclusive items as they are released.

The new store is not just a shopping destination, it truly is a unique experience. There are reclaimed basketball-gym floors and custom benches made from lockers, wallpaper made of collages of vintage Champion ads, catalogs and other imagery allowing customers to experience the heritage of the 100-year-old brand in a modern format.

Once you walk in you are entranced and intrigued by the unique designs and laid-back atmosphere — you almost want to kick back with friends and just hang out there. Overall, the store is a beautiful homage to a city we all love so much. From the clothing to the artwork to the vibe, it’s all Philly strong.


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