The Philadelphia Beard Festival is this weekend

Philadelphia Beard Festival

Philly’s best beards have the opportunity to showcase their winter growth at the Philadelphia Beard Festival on Saturday, April 22nd. But don’t feel uninvited if you aren’t sporting some fancy facial hair. Both women and men alike are welcomed to The Schmidt’s Commons for whiskey tastings, craft beers, massage stations, lawn games and more.

Whether you’ve got a love for everything lumberjack, such as axe and tomahawk throwing, or just have an appreciation for bearded men, this is an event with something for everybody. Attendees can expect to see a Newlin Grist Mill blacksmith at work, bearded entertainers and bearded music videos on the jumbotron. Guests can also participate in beard speed dating and beard competitions in the five categories of Philadelphia’s longest beard, freestyle, natural full beard, groomed full beard, and partial beard.

We chat with one of the event’s organizers, Michael Wink, about the creation of the Philadelphia Beard Festival and how he’s styling his beard for the ladies.

How did this event come about?
As event producers, my partners and I are always looking to find niche events to do. Having a beard and talking to other bearded men, I quickly realized people have a true passion for beards. Every time I open a message up on a dating site it always starts with “nice beard.” The guys grow them, the women love them and the amount of beard products on the market is growing. There’s big business in beards now. So it’s really a perfect storm to package into an event. Other people have done beard-related events and contests in the past, but no one puts all the extras into an event or festival like my team does.

Surely ladies will enjoy this event as well. What other aspects of the festival will non-beard-bearing people enjoy?
Interestingly enough, women have purchased 4% more tickets so far than the men. This shows us they truly love a bearded man. The Bearded Speed Dating was designed specifically for women to find that beard of their dreams. They can also do some shopping with over 20 vendors, or enjoy some cocktails and do some beard watching. There will be plenty to do and see whether you have facial hair or not.

How will you fashion your beard for the festival?
I’ve seen all the single ladies on social media that are coming so I’ll definitely have my beard trimmed, oiled up and looking nice the day of the event.

Whether you’re a lady looking for some handsome beards, a man who’s looking to grow one, or a man who’s already got one, the Philadelphia Beard Festival is one day of fun you don’t want to miss.

If you go:
Philadelphia Beard Festival
The Schmidt’s Commons
1001 N. Second St.
Saturday, April 22nd
1 p.m. to 6 p.m.

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