The professional’s guide to Philly Beer Week

Philly Beer Week 2018 is here and we've got a professional's guide on how to make the most of it. | Stephen Lyford
Stephen Lyford

Philly Beer Week celebrates its eleventh birthday in 2018, with 10 fun-filled days of delight for beer lovers in Philadelphia and beyond. Beginning June 1 and running through June 10, there are hundreds of events to choose from to build your very own “beertinerary.” But how do you navigate Philly Beer Week like a pro? We’ve got tips from the Philly Loves Beer team (who puts on Philly Beer Week every year), on how to make the most of the annual event.

1. Plan, Plan, Plan

Philly Beer Week isn’t the kind of event where you “wing it.” Planning your strategy over the course of 10 days will allow you to prioritize the events you want to attend, as well as allow for time to travel to different parts of the city.

“With so many events, in so many parts of the city, knowing when and where you want to be  is key,” says Trevor Hayward of Evil Genius Brewery and treasurer of Philly Loves Beer. “Also, several events will be tapping special beers, and with limited quantities, sometimes these run out — so make sure you hit any event like this right at tapping time.”

Erin Wallace, owner of Devil’s Den and Old Eagle, and secretary of Philly Loves Beer, adds, “Pick an event that you would like to attend and check out the other events in that area.  That way you can hit more than one event and try more beers.”


2. Hydrate

With all the drinking you’ll be doing at Philly Beer Week, hydration is key to keeping your body healthy, happy and capable of making the most out of the experience.

“As obvious as this one might be, it’s an easy one to forget,” says Hayward.

“It’s summertime and hot outside,” adds Wallace. “It’s best to drink lots of fluid with your beer.  Not only will it help keep you cool but will help with any hangovers the following day.”


3. Keep a journal

With so much to take in, Philly Beer Week can become quite the blur. If you want to remember the beers you tried as well as the people you met, a great way to do that is by keeping a journal.

Alex Bokulich, director of operations for Craft Concepts Group and vice president of Philly Loves Beer says, “Keep a record of beers you liked that you haven’t had before, new bars or venues that you enjoyed for the first time, and certainly people that you may have connected with that you would like to see again in the future.”

He adds, “This can be a pen and paper, phone notepad, or social media. If you really get out there and make the most of the week, try to remember what the highlights were, and get back to them when the dust settles.”

4. Create your own Philly Beer Week survival kit.

If you plan on running all over the city to make the most Philly Beer Week, make sure you have the essentials on you at all times.

Christina Dowd, executive director for Philly Loves Beer, says: “Have your own little refresh pack. Mine includes EmergenC, mixed nuts, Larabars and Tums.”

By having a survival kit or refresh pack, you can stay hydrated and well-fed on the go. Also, if a headache or heartburn creeps up on you, you’ll have the medicine you need handy to feel better.


5. Don’t drink and drive.

With so much drinking at Philly Beer Week, driving is out of the question. Lucky for you, you can take advantage of public transportation as well as rideshare apps like Lyft and Uber.

Consider even staying over in Philly for a night or two.

“Get a hotel room for at least one night,” advises Casey Parker of The Pistolas Group, and president of Philly Loves Beer. “There are too many incredible events. Just skip home for a day or two and create your two-day beertinerary.”

Philly Beer Week runs from June 1 through June 10 for 2018. For more information, visit:

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