The Red Bull BC One Tour is coming to Philly this weekend

Red Bull BC One Tour

This weekend get ready to see some incredible dancing and unbelievable feats performed by some of the most talented breakers in the country. The Red Bull BC One tour is headed to the City of Brotherly Love this weekend, May 11, and everyone is invited out to join in on all of the fun.

The Red Bull BC One Tour is coming to Philly this weekend

According to the official release, The Red Bull BC One All Star Tour provides a platform for all, encouraging dancers of any level to partake in unmatched competition and unforgettable moments. With a focus on the dedicated, exciting and flourishing street dance scene across the globe, this marks the third time Red Bull BC One has held a cypher event in Philadelphia.

During the Red Bull BC One Cypher Philadelphia, dancers from all around the region will “Battle Like a Legend,” all vying for a chance to represent at the World Final in Mumbai. Categories include B-Girl Cypher and B-Boy Cypher. Any local breaker who wants to enter into the competition can do so by RSVPing to the event, but when you arrive you must secure a spot during registration for the open qualifier (the event takes place at NOTO at 1209 Vine St., and runs from 11 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.).

B-boy Knuckles, the 2013 winner of Red Bull BC One Philly sat down with Metro to chat a little more about his background in breaking and gave the scoop on what to expect from this exciting event.

How did you get your start in breaking?

I started breaking after seeing it at [a] sweet 16. Like most people, I was amazed by the athleticism and coordination of the breakers, the power moves seemed to captivate me and created a piercing interest. I went home telling myself I needed to learn those moves. After watching videos online and getting tips from locals who used to partake in the dance, I was able to teach myself a few of the moves I saw that night–windmills and flares. Word of my new found skill somehow made it back to the dancers who performed at the party maybe 3 months after, [and] the dancers that night ended up becoming my mentors. Raul and Adrian, AKA b-boys Ra-flave and Advil understood the dedication it took to learn the moves I had and took me under their tutelage. Teaching me the basics of the dance and showing videos of past competitions completely blew my mind. I had thought it was a lost art and here they are having huge competitions all over the world. We trained at an American Legion in Vineland, N.J., where I honed my skills. Then my goal went from being the best in town to being the best in the world.

Red Bull BC One Tour

What would you say to encourage breakers from Philadelphia to join in on this event?

I’ve learned after winning the first Philadelphia Red Bull Cypher regardless of your skill level you need to put yourself to the test against people who are better than you. Red Bull BC One Cypher will attract and is inviting some of the best people in the country. Remember, people are not only remembered for wins but for big moments. There were many times where I lost at an event but had an iconic moment to the music or had some epic battle in the top-16 round. Having moments against known b-boys or just doing well at a high caliber event like Red Bull BC One will inevitably open up opportunities in the future.

What makes the art of breaking special to you? 

Breaking is special to me because it has allowed me to travel the world at a young age. Traveling is extremely important for self-growth and awareness. It’s about exploring and developing a healthy sense of wonder, getting yourself out your comfort zone and trying new things. Meeting people from all walks of life, I now have friends in Dubai but never actually traveled there. The b-boy culture created a universal dialogue which allows me to share my talent with the world.

Overall, what can the people of Philadelphia expect from the event? 

With the implications of breaking being a part of the 2024 Paris Olympics, I personally would love to see parents bring their kids and hopefully we inspire a future U.S.A. gold medalist. Until we reach the Olympic level, Red Bull BC One is the closest you will get to see b-boys at the pro athlete level.

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