The Short Answer — Part One


There’s a lot of reporting on the 2015 mayoral race. Some of it is good, even admirable, but most of it is very long, and you know…. that’s not what we do here at Metro.  

Welcome to The Short Answer.

Each week, we ask the mayoral candidates a question. Some will deal with personality, others, policy. We give them 50 words to answer it, and yes, we do chop it down if we have to.   

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This week’s question:

Why do city leaders continue to look to Harrisburg to make up the school funding gap, when that strategy has failed so many times in the past?

“They don’t need to solve the whole funding gap, but we’re asking for their help because to a large extent they’re responsible for the current mess. At the same time, I’d end the SRC so that we have local control.” — Nelson Diaz

“City leaders are right to look to Harrisburg to do its part to fund our schools.  But being right isn’t enough if it doesn’t yield results. We must find creative local solutions to fill the funding gap – without raising taxes on those that can least afford it.”  — Doug Oliver

“I said at my campaign launch that we can’t wait for superman to fly in from Harrisburg. I’ll continue to lobby the state to fulfill their responsibility, but, as mayor, I’ll put the focus on raising the necessary revenue here at home.” — Jim Kenney

“ 1) “The state has a constitutional obligation to fund public education; 2) good schools help all Pennsylvanians by making us more competitive; and 3) no local community anywhere in Pennsylvania can fund public education by itself.  We need a partner in Harrisburg, but we have to produce results, too.” — State Sen. Anthony Williams

— Lynne Abraham’s people  had a response. They said it was 68 words, they never sent it in. Maybe next week.


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