The Short Answer, Week 3


There’s a lot of reporting on the 2015 mayoral race. Some of it is good, even admirable. Most of it is very long, and you know…. that’s not what we do here at Metro.  

Welcome to Week 3 of The Short Answer.

Each week, we ask the mayoral candidates a question. Some will deal with personality, others policy. We give them 50 words to answer it, and yes, we do chop it down if we have to.   

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This week’s question comes from a quote etched into the walkway at City Hall. In 1947, Richardson Dilworth said “Our lack of real capacity for public indignation is due to the length of time we have lived under the domination of one political machine.” With that in mind, why is voter turnout so low?

“People believe the game is rigged. Many voters suspect that elected officials are already bought and paid for by special interests — even before election day. For this reason, people don’t believe they will ever be fairly represented and, unfortunately, they have chosen to express their frustration through their silence.” — Doug Oliver

“Many Philadelphians have lost faith that the government can make a difference in their lives. My first job in politics was fixing everyday problems like broken street lamps and street parking. As mayor, I’ll take a neighborhood by neighborhood approach to governing, so that everyone’s included in our city’s progress.” — Jim Kenney

People, understandably, have lost trust in government to work on their behalf. They see concentrations of power acting in their own self-interest or in the special interest – rather than in the public interest. But votes have raised the minimum wage and preserved an entire public library system.  Your vote counts!”  — State Sen. Tony Williams

“People are tired of having the same career politicians keep making the same promises without things improving. Whether the hot air is coming from City Hall or Harrisburg, the voters have heard it all before and they aren’t buying anymore. I’m not a career politician — I just get results.” — Nelson Diaz

“The voters have witnessed a lifetime of self-serving politicians who put the “business as usual” crowd ahead of their own constituents.  I am a tough, proven leader who will be ready to lead on Day One and take on the “business as usual” crowd.  I will be nobody’s Mayor but yours.” — Lynne Abraham

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