The skinny on Valanni’s new low-cal cocktails

If you’re out for the night and stuck counting calories, you usually only have a couple options: A watery light beer, Diet Coke and clear rum or a vodka soda. (Wait — Pellegrino and lime? Who invited you?)

Which is why we’re super psyched for Valanni’s (1229 Spruce St.) new “skinny” cocktail menu. Ringing in at under 170 calories — and usually considerably less — there’s a little something for every lush who has a pencil skirt to squeeze into on Monday morning.

For a smart and sweet sip, try the “Fresh and Frisky” (vodka, blackberries, lime and basil at 156 calories) or the “What a Teas” (Sweet Tea vodka and lemongrass-infused lemonade for 166).

Even the dreaded margarita manages to slim down here: The “Hot For Herra” packs a modest 139 calories, which is less than the garnish on the Bloody Marys you were throwing back on Sunday.

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