The Word: Another day in court for Lindsay

Like everything else we gave up for Lent — vending machine candy, vodka before noon, “The Big Bang Theory” — gossiping about starlets who are younger, thinner, richer and more successful than us quickly proved too enticing.

Let’s start with Hot Mess in Chief Lindsay Lohan, who showed up late to her Thursday court hearing regarding the $2,500 necklace she was caught on camera “borrowing,” according to The court hasn’t decided if she violated probation just yet, but they did give her until March 25 to work out a plea deal.

It’s not looking good for Linds, but on the darkest of bright sides, her father — currently a cast member of “Celebrity Rehab” — decided not to attend the hearing at the last minute.

Dr. Drew and Bob Forrest suggested that I don’t go to court because even if cameras didn’t follow me, someone might say they did,” Michael Lohan told

And that, right there, should be Lindsay’s get-out-of-jail-free card. Or at least her get-out-of-gossip-columns card.

Is Simpson moving on?

Ashlee Simpson-Wentz — currently in the process of divorcing Pete Wentz — has been spotted in the company of another disheveled rocker, Craig Owens. Seems he’s a friend of Wentz’s, and his band, D.R.U.G.S., recently released their album on her soon-to-be-ex’s Decaydence label.

Ashlee, we hope you and your cute rebound hair read that sentence.

If you ain’t dirty …

Three days after being arrested for public intoxication, Christina Aguilera was back at the same L.A. restaurant where the night started, reports And the singer and her boyfriend, Matthew Rutler, put away two bottles of wine.

We hope they enjoyed it, danced on some tables and then called a cab — although more and more, we’re suspecting the West Coast doesn’t have them.

Toxic? No way

You know who probably didn’t doubt a Britney Spears comeback? Britney Spears. When asked by Out if there were any songs she regretted, she replied, “No. All of my songs are f—ing amazing.”

Don’t agree? Go re-watch that “Slave 4 U” video and join us on Team Brit — we’re making T-shirts this weekend.

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