The workout beloved by Victoria’s Secret models comes to Philly

SLT comes to Philadelphia. | Provided

Wish you had a longer and leaner body but can’t quite get there no matter how much time you put in at the gym? Maybe it’s time to change up your workout and try Philly’s newest fitness craze — SLT (Strengthen, Lengthen, Tone) — which just opened a location in Rittenhouse Square last week.

Founded in NYC in 2011,  this 50-minute program utilizes a Megaformer (a machine invented by Sebastien Lagree to intensify Pilates  workouts) to provide a challenging, low impact workout that burns up to 500 calorie a session. Over the years, this workout has gained a following of celebrity devotees like Chrissy Teigen, Sofia Vergara, Nina Agdal, Emmy Rossum, Emily DiDonato, Martha Hunt and even Victoria’s Secret models.

“Being a dancer, you’re used to a long lean body and SLT gives you those results,” says SLT instructor and dancer Lanae Rhodes. “You won’t bulk up.”

While the machine may look intimidating at first, the class is limited to 13 people to allow for plenty of individualized attention. The core is constantly engaged with slow movements and with fast transitions — all set to the beat of a fun workout playlist.


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Signature moves include easy to remember names like scrambled eggs, sexy back, spider kicks  French twist and even the mermaid.

“The mermaid works your waistline your obliques,” adds Rhodes. 

Having tried the class last week, it’s a good thing that SLT incorporates playful elements into the routine because it’s quite the challenge, even for someone who is in great shape. Because there’s no stopping however, you won’t have too much time to think about how much your entire body is hurting. 

“In general, what I love about SLT is that it keeps moving. The 50 minutes goes by really fast,” Rhodes says. 

Want to give SLT a whirl?  The intro class is only $15 but after that, single classes are $32 unless you opt for a package. 

Be prepared to feel very sore afterwards, however. Their slogan isn’t “better sore than sorry” for nothing. 

If you go:
Various times
1625 Walnut St.
2nd Floor
$15 and up


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