The world’s best cheesesteak is in … Blue Bell?

When made a list of the world’s 10 best sandwiches, the Philadelphia cheesesteak was, somewhat predictably, right there among the pastrami, the banh mi and the po boy.

The only thing that made us do a double-take? The particular sandwich selected is made, not in Philadelphia, but at Pudge’s Steaks and Hoagies in Blue Bell (it also has a second location in Towamencin, Pa.).

From the article: “Tongue-tickling slices of premium grade steak, melted cheese, mushrooms and onions combine to create a delightful disco in your mouth. Aficionados swear by Pudge’s Steaks and Hoagies as the place to sample this monster roll.”

Full disclosure: we’ve never tried a Pudge’s steak and we don’t get out of the city much. Or ever.

But, though the comment sections of the site is full of people endorsing the eatery as some kind of foodie insider secret, we’re a little skeptical that it’s among the 10 best cheesesteaks in the Philadelphia area, let alone the world.

Because that looks like a lot of mushrooms.

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