These Eagles fans prove you’re never too old to celebrate a Super Bowl win

Old Eagles Fans

Despite the fact that the official Super Bowl victory parade will take place on Thursday, Eagles fans flocked to the streets to celebrate their 41-33 win last night over the Pats. One guy even went so far as to eat horse manure. (Yes, we mean poop — and is he regretting it right now? We’re actually not so sure. He might be proud to have…you know…showed his dedication to the Birds.)

In good news, no fan (that we know of) punched any horses like they did during the playoffs this year.

One thing’s for sure, the Eagles have waited a long time for this Super Bowl win. In fact, they’ve never actually won a Lombardi trophy — only an NFL Championship in 1960 before the Super Bowl and the seven-pound, 50-thousand-dollar award even existed.

Without further ado, meet some lifelong, loyal supporters — most of whom have been around since the very beginning — who did their fair share of celebrating last night. Because they’ve been waiting longer than any other Eagles fan to do so.

Phil, 99

Phil Basser, 99, made his internet debut in mid-January when his 18-year-old grandson shared a photo to Twitter. He was responding to a post about a 99-year-old Vikings fan when the Minnesota team versed the New Orleans Saints for a spot to play the Eagles in the Conference Championships.

The tweet read, “My 99yr old grandpa Phil (turning 100 in march) has lived in Philadelphia since 1918 and has never seen an Eagles Super Bowl. Looks like we got a battle of the centenarians!”

You can read up on Phil’s incredible story here.

And last night, the Eagles fan was there to watch his favorite team take home a win.

Happy for you, Phil!

Great Uncle Denny, 100

Sports producer Paul Mancano tweeted at the Eagles the afternoon before the big game, “win this one for my great uncle Denny, still a diehard fan at 100 years old.”

You go, Great Uncle Denny!

Mom-Mom, 90

“CT Style” host Ryan Kristafer tweeted about interviewing his 90-year-old grandma, Mom-Mom, who was 5 when the Eagles were first established.

In the interview, Mom-Mom said she watched the whole game. She and her husband, Pop-Pop, don’t have a favorite player, but she said they were glad the Eagles won and that it was a “good” match.

When asked if she and Pop-Pop did anything exciting after the Eagles’ victory to celebrate, she replied, “We went to bed.”

Kristafer further asked his grandma if they went out in the street and flipped cars with the rest of the Eagles fans (because maybe he wasn’t so convinced they went straight to bed), and she said, “No, I’m sorry. We weren’t doing that.”

We feel you, Mom-Mom.

Frank, 87

Frank Markert, a Philly native and forever Eagles fan, is 87 years old. Watch his reaction as he opens a bottle of champagne he’s been saving since 1980 (it’ll be the best thing you see all day).

When asked how the champagne tasted, Frank replied, “Good!” Cheers erupted after that — and we’re guessing they’ve kept going ever since.

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