These Philly high school students are ready for sweet, startup success

Looking back on your own high school days, there probably wasn’t much emphasis on developing a passion for entrepreneurship.

“All kids are creative but far too often it’s ironically school that drives it out of them,” says Dr. Jason Corosanite, co-founder and CIO of String Theory Schools. “We have this system of grades and achievement that is only punitive. You begin at 100 and then start taking points off. Kids in this country don’t have a safe place to figure out what type of learner they are or what type of creative they are, whereas in start-up culture, it is encouraged to fail fast and fail often.”

This month, students at Philadelphia Performing Arts, one of the String Theory Charter Schools, launched their own startup business, Bloom Chocolate.

They’re responsible for every step in the process, from coming up with the flavors to molding the chocolates to packaging them and even tackling the marketing side.

“The kids had a blast with this,” Corosanite says. “They are calling it ‘Couture Girlfriend Chocolate.’ Can’t possibly pick a favorite. Every new one they come up is my favorite.”

Flavors include Single & Satisfied (dark chocolate with dried tart cherries), He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not (white chocolate with edible rose petals and rose flavored crystals), Girls Night Out (70% dark chocolate with edible gold leaf flakes), ManCave (buttermilk ranch white chocolate with a buffalo seasoning drizzle), Lucky You (Lucky Charms breakfast cereal in white chocolate), Heartbreaker (milk chocolate with Rice Krispies) and Sorry NOT Sorry (milk chocolate with white and black homemade coating).

You can buy the chocolates for $5 a bar or $20 for five bars. The money raised will go towards other student-run startup businesses at String Theory Schools.

Bloom Chocolate is currently being sold in the student-run cafe and the lunchroom but will be available elsewhere soon.

“Stay tuned. An online store and pop-up shop is coming,” adds Corosanite.

Philadelphia Performing Arts, a String Theory Charter School, is located at 1600 Vine St.

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