These wine and beer glasses are made entirely out of cheese

Finlandia has Commemorative Cheese Glasses for sale. | Finlandia

Today, Finlandia made the announcement that they’re celebrating the 100th anniversary of its native Finland with limited-edition, hand-crafted and completely edible wine and beer glasses that are made completely of cheese.

Yes, that’s right. You can now sip your wine or your beer and eat your cheese at the same time. Man, what will they think of next?

But you’ll need to act fast, because this highly coveted cheeseware is only available for purchase on Wednesday, Dec. 6.

There’s only one catch to this cheesetastic deal (of course, there’s a catch!) — each pair of glasses costs $5,000.

Yup. That’s probably more than most of us bring home in a month but hey, #FOMO.

The Commemorative Cheeseware was crafted by top food sculptors, Jim Victor and Marie Pelton. What’s more, the cheese is top notch — nothing artificial and no added hormones.

The beer mug is 16 oz. and made from Finlandia Imported Gruyere and the wine glass is an 8 oz. stemless glass made from Finlandia Imported Gouda.

“To celebrate the 100th anniversary of Finland, we wanted to create something symbolic that is a gesture to the dozens of Finnish family-owned farms who have dedicated over 110 years of passion and dedication to making some of the world’s very best cheeses,” says Marcie Foster, Director of Marketing and Brand Development for Finlandia. “Our Commemorative Cheeseware deliver exactly that as they create the opportunity to toast the accomplishments of our company’s heritage while showcasing the legendary taste and the quality craftmanship that Finlandia Cheese customers have grown to expect.”

If you just have to have them, send a direct message to Finlandia on their Facebook page here to place an order.

So cheers to cheese! And to people with that much disposable income! 

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