This comedy show offers free admission if you bring a parking ticket

No one enjoys getting parking tickets. They are costly reminders of just how confusing parking signage in Philadelphia can be. A new monthly comedy show, however, hopes to help ease the pain of parking tickets—by using them as admission.

The comedy showcase “No Parking” had its debut in October at Bourbon and Branch in Northern Liberties. In addition to a lineup of excellent local Philly comedians, the show also features small doses of sketch comedy, which weave a continuous comedy bit throughout the duration of the show. The show returns on November 22.

But perhaps the most unique asset of “No Parking” is its admission policy. Anyone who receives a parking ticket in the city during the week of the show receives free admission. Otherwise, the show is just $5.

“We’ve all messed up and gotten tickets from the PPA before, and we wanted people to benefit from their parking tickets,” co-founder Marissa Both says. “We figured the best way to accomplish that is to turn parking tickets into tickets, and then laugh about it.”

For local Philadelphia comedians, whose acts at clubs and bars throughout the neighborhoods of the city happen at all hours of the night, parking tickets are an unfortunate commonality.

“The worst ticket I ever received was completely my own fault,” Erin Dohony, who will be co-hosting the November show, admits. “I once tried to edit the time stamp on a 3-hour parking pass that you put on your dashboard (I took a pen and changed a 6 to an 8 to try and get an extra 2 hours) and found that the PPA will not only write you a $100+ ticket, they will tow your car for good measure.”

Indeed, one audience member who was nabbed by the PPA that week received free admission. Both hopes to see that number rise.

“We’re really hoping that the PPA has been extra ruthless to Philly’s comedy fans,” Both says.

With Bourbon and Branch’s pristine location on the busy—and metered—stretch of 2nd Street in Northern Liberties, this should not be a problem.

“No Parking” was co-founded by the members of local comedy production team Laughs on Philly. In addition to Both and Donohy, Laughs on Philly consists of area comedians Alejandro Morales, Alex Grubard, Bryan G. Yanez, Edward Josephus Hanson, Eddie Finn, Joseph Dougherty, Reid Benditt, and Ronald Metellus. Each month, the show will feature a new pair of hosts as a way to spotlight the comedic talent of every member of the Laughs on Philly team. For the November 22 show, Dohony and Metellus will assume hosting duties. Both and Morales, longtime Laughs on Philly producers, hosted the October debut show.

Alongside the Laughs on Philly comedians, November audiences will also be treated to stand-up from the likes of Anthony Moore, Chanel Ali, Mike Brooks, Carly Kane and Matt Monroe.

If you go:
Nov. 22
8:00 p.m., $5 (or free with parking ticket)
Bourbon and Branch
705 N. 2nd Street, Philadelphia

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