This local comedian started a board game called Chardonnay Go

Dena Blizzard is the comedian behind the Chardonnay Go board game. | Provided

Love board games? Love wine? Then you’ll definitely be a fan of local comedian Dena Blizzard’s new game, Chardonnay Go.

The concept began as a viral video spoofing Pokemon Go where 45-year-old mom raced around her neighborhood to find glasses of Chardonnay instead of Pokemon.

“It garnered over 24 million views worldwide and was named a Top Ten Facebook Live Video of 2016,” she says.

In the board game version, Chardonnay Go is  a cross between a classic board game and dirty charades.

“It’s set in a vineyard with players trying to get to the Tasting Room.  Spaces include Time Out, Table Toast and Wine B*tch, where you fill up the glasses of everyone at your table,” Blizzard says. “On your journey you may land on a Chardonnay Go Challenge, where you have to ‘name five ice cream flavors, while whining like a teenager’ or ‘name three Spice Girls and one fake one, while flamboyantly running around the table yelling something about pickles,’” she adds.


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In developing the game, Blizzard reached out to her Facebook Live audience, sending 12 games across the country over the course of six weeks.

“It was played by over 300 people who took google surveys afterward to give their feedback,” she says. “I think the funniest things about the game is how much of it is up to interpretation.”

If you want to give the game a try yourself, it’s available at and will soon be sold on Amazon.

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