This papal visit is going to be murder on our feet

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For those that like walking, Pope Francis’ visit could be a boon. Officials say residents can expect to walk three miles due to gridlock.

That’s a lot of walking. So… much…. walking. Are your feet ready?

Tom Egolf, a consultant from the I. Goldberg Army and Navy store at 13th and Chestnut has advice to help you avoid sore, sweaty feet — and even the occasional bout of athlete’s foot.

“It will be bedlam down here,” Egolf said regarding the Pope’s visit. “Those unprepared should have the right type of footwear to maneuver themselves throughout the crowds.”

Egolfadvises you pick shoes that are breathable, waterproof, cool, and rated for outdoors.

Oh yeah, wear good socks.

“Along with a quality sock with cushion and proper insoles can be beneficial to feet, especially elderly feet,”Egolf said.

Ponchos and refrigerated backpacks are also items Egolf recommends, and which are also available at his store –​but the store does not sell rosaries.

But they do have socks. It’s all about the socks.

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