This restaurant app rewards you in Amazon, Starbucks and Lyft credits

Seated is a restaurant app that offers Amazon, Starbucks and Lyft credits. | Provided

Seated is a little different from other restaurant reservation apps out there. Why? There are perks for foodies in the form of Amazon, Starbucks and Lyft credits.

Simply show up for your reservation and snap a photo of your receipt, and you’ll start racking up credits depending on how much you spend.

Seated isn’t just helping foodies get rewards, however. Their core mission lies in helping restaurants stay profitable.

“We’re about getting diners in the door and spending money,” says Brice Gumbel, the CEO and co-founder of Seated.

Gumbel, a Brown University graduate and former investment banker, explains that other apps on the market don’t have the restaurants’ best interest in mind.

“For every customer we send to a restaurant, the restaurant is profitable on that reservation. We set a minimum spend for each restaurant with rewards,” he says. “On other reservation platforms, you can order a cocktail and appetizer and leave — taking up a table for a certain amount of time, and that’s not good for the restaurant.”

With the Seated launch in Philadelphia today, over 50 restaurants are available on the platform, including Will BYOB, High Street on Market, Maison 208, Ela, Entree BYOB and Ristorante Aroma.

“We want to help restaurants introduce and maintain an awesome diner base while still profiting. We’re not a happy hour or a free sample platform where the restaurants are expected to lose money in order to gain a customer,” Gumbel concludes.

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