Thrilling close to QFest

Robert Gaston didn’t coin the term “post-gay” as a film genre. “But I kind of like it,” he laughs, referring to how his new film, “Flight of the Cardinal,” is categorized in the 16th annual QFest.

“Post-gay” refers to a story where sexuality is not the focus of the film, such as Gaston’s thriller. “Cardinal” revolves around Grady (Ross Beschler), who invites his friends and boyfriend to a mountain lodge that he has been renovating. However, things aren’t so relaxing as he starts questioning his friends’ motives and the role of a local, Beetle (David J. Bonner).

Although Gaston has shown four films at QFest, he has never closed the festival, as he will do tonight. “It’s a huge honor,” he says. “[‘Cardinal’] can reach a wider audience than just gay and lesbian audiences. It ends with a message of hope.”

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