Ticket scandal ends in firings

PHILADELPHIA. When it comes to getting parking tickets thrown away in Philadelphia, it’s not only who you know, it’s who you’re related to.

The city Office of Inspector General said yesterday an investigation into a ticket-fixing scandal spanning the Philadelphia Parking Authority and Bureau of Administrative Adjudication has resulted in the firing of three employees and three others’ resignations.

Among them, head of daily BAA operations Clorise Wynn was found to have “dismissed hundreds of parking tickets for friends and 35 for her daughter.” She retired before the report was released and is eligible to receive a pension.

“Every citizen should be able to walk into a hearing, make their case and have faith that it’s a proper process,” Mayor Michael Nutter said. “This city is not a phone company. We don’t have a ‘friends and family’ plan.”

Inspector General Amy Kurland said much of the problem stemmed from a BAA which lacked effective oversight and leadership. The report recommends that “comprehensive ethical and operational standards” be established.

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