Tim and Eric come to town. Great job!

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After years of flying under the radar, comedic duo Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim have noticed their increased popularity as of late. “I think our following has gone beyond cult. I don’t know what’s between normal following and cult following, but it’s getting big,” says Heidecker. The two are currently on their most extensive North American tour.

How has the reception been on this recent tour?

It’s been phenomenal; really fun to do and the audiences have been fantastic. Definitely the biggest tour we’ve ever done in terms of people. It’s an insane experience to get to do the weird s— that we do and get these huge audiences.

Your TV shows rely so heavily on editing — how is the live show different?

It’s different from our shows, but it’s cut from the same cloth. The tour has been written to work as a live experience. It’s almost like a Broadway version. If you’re a fan of our shows, you’re gonna be laughing the whole time. If you’re not a fan of our shows, or you just walked in off the street, you’re gonna be thoroughly confused.

Is it hard to explain your humor to people who just walk in off the street?

Sometimes it can be hard to explain, but there’s always a frame of reference. If it’s an older person, you can say we’re a little bit like Monty Python.

So Monty Python played a part in your comedic inspiration?

Yeah, Monty Python was huge for me as a kid. Even when you look at their early stuff now, it’s still beyond bizarre. They were doing weird, crazy stuff that makes me feel like we’re not even that far out there.

Your new “Bedtime Stories” TV show seems darker than anything you’ve done before.

It’s certainly different, but different is our middle name. As soon as we feel comfortable, we feel uncomfortable. … “Bedtime Stories” seemed to morph organically into something that warranted higher production value and a slower pace, which contrasts what we did on “Awesome Show, Great Job!” and felt like the right thing to do. … We really believe in that British model of doing short runs on television. You just start feeling gross after doing the same thing for a while.

Being from the Philly area, are there any restaurants you enjoy when back in town?

“I used to work at Beau Monde creperie, which is a really great restaurant. So I always like to go there. But I also like good, greasy crap. I gotta get my scrapple.”

John C. Reilly, as Brule, will appear with Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim.  Credit: Clark Reinking John C. Reilly, as Brule, will appear with Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim.
Credit: Clark Reinking

If you go

Tim and Eric & Dr. Steve Brule
Friday, 8 p.m. (SOLD OUT) and 10:30 p.m.
Keswick Theatre
291 N. Keswick Ave., Glenside
$37.50, 215-572-7650

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