Tony Wroten, MCW say they love playing together

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In one night, Tony Wroten can be exciting, exhilarating, electrifying and infuriating.

He’s the whole package.

Through it all, Philadelphia 76ers coach Brett Brown is thrilled to have Wroten on his side.

Wroten might throw a pass into the 10throw of the Wells Fargo Center. He might take an ill-advised shot or two.

But he also has the ability to score in bunches, hit big shots and display a willingness and fearlessness to take over a game.

“You would far prefer to have that ready-fire-aim mentality than being scared or cautious,” Brown said. “Now, there are times I wished he was 27 and would make just some simple passes instead of rifling balls off people’s hands at warp speed. I tell you what, that kid wears his heart on his sleeve. He’s got a motor. He wants so desperately to be on the court.”

Through the first 37 games, Wroten was averaging 16.9 points. He was also averaging 3.8 turnovers per game.

Wroten reached double figures in points in each of the last 10 games, including six games of 20 or more.

You take the good with the bad and realize Wroten is still just 21-years-old.

“I just go play and don’t worry about numbers,” Wroten said. “I just want to play and do all I can to help the Sixers win. I’m thankful for the opportunity. Whatever the coaches want whether it’s starting or coming off the bench, I’m going to give it all I have and play to win every night out.”

Wroten has co-existed quite nicely in recent games with reigning Rookie of the Year Michael Carter-Williams.

Neither player is ever likely to be labeled as a shooting guard. Both players have a multitude of skills which are beneficial to the success of the Sixers.

“I feel like it’s real important we work together,” Wroten said. “We play a big role on this team and not just offensively. If we want to win games and play together down the stretch, we’re going to have to play defense and lock up at the end.”

“We’ve had ups and downs in trying to find our rhythm together,” Carter-Williams said. “It’s not anything personal. I love playing with Tony on the court and vice versa. We’re trying to work things out with where we need the ball in what situations. I think we did great (in a recent game against the Cleveland Cavaliers)and took a big step. It was unbelievable.”

Now comes the business side.

Rumors have swirled about Wroten being traded to the Los Angeles Clippers. Nothing is imminent.

If Wroten winds up staying with the Sixers, it could turn into something special.

“I’m excited to be here and I’m living my dream every day playing in the NBA,” Wroten said. “When my name is called, I’m going to play with 100 percent intensity. I’m going to come in the game with everything I’ve got.”

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