Too much room for city’s bikes?

PHILADELPHIA. When one of his clients got a ticket for parking in the new Pine Street bicycle lane, gallery owner John Andrulis knew the city was serious about making room for bicyclists.

“As a business, moving art in and out … it’s a big inconvenience,” said Andrulis, who opened JAG Fine Art at 16th and Pine streets. “I will say the police are taking a very vigilant approach to keeping people out of the bike lane.”

The lane on the south side of Pine Street and another on the north side of Spruce Street — each on the right side of car traffic — became the city’s newest effort to increase bicycle commuting and safety when they were installed in late September.

The city is studying the effect the lanes on Pine and Spruce streets have had and will reportedly decide later this month whether they will remain after a repaving scheduled for the spring.

Allen Boxer, a resident at 16th and Locust streets for five years, called the bike lane on Spruce Street “ridiculous” and the cause of increased vehicle traffic.

“Why put it on a street that only had two lanes to begin with and now has one for cars?” Boxer said. “You’ve created the need for more bikers by adding a bike lane.”

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