Top 10 most unfaithful Philadelphia neighborhoods

Mad couple Cheating spouse? It might be down to your zip code. Credit: Getty Images

Don’t hope your neighborhood is in the Top 10 of this list — it’s for all the wrong reasons., the popular extramarital dating site for people unhappy with their spouses, mined the statistics of its Philadelphia membership to determine which neighborhoods have the most philandering men and women.

According to the site, 118,444 cheaters live in the city of Brotherly Love.

The site boasts 23 million members in 35 countries, all apparently spouses trapped in unhappy marriages and seeking romps outside the home while lacking the guts or means to actually file for divorce.

Ashley Madison’s release of information divides Philadelphia and environs into the most unfaithful parts of town, where cheaters are most likely to prosper.

This statistical breakdown, which had only been done with Ashley Madison’s New York-area members before, also revealed that South Philly cheaters usually have the most children, University City has the most married men seeking available women, and about 46 percent of the cheaters in Philadelphia are female, with an average age of 36.

Neighborhoods with highest rates of infidelity

In percentage of Ashley Madison members living in the respective boroughs.

1. Center City, 9.43 percent
2. University City, 7.05 percent
3. South Philadelphia, 5.99 percent
4. Camden-Wilmington, 4.2 percent
5. Olney, 3.52 percent
6. Frankford, 3.28 percent
7. Port Richmond, 3.22 percent
8. Bella Vista, 2.99 percent
9. Roxborough, 2.79 percent
10. Mayfair, 2.58 percent

Lot to take in?

Check out this handy infographic.

Top 10 unfaithful neighborhoods in Philly infographic map Top 10 unfaithful neighborhoods in Philly Credit:

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