Top goPuff orders in Philadelphia for ‘bomb cyclone’

GoPuff reveals their top orders from Philly in preparation for 'bomb cyclone.' | Pixabay

Over the ground lies a mantle of white snow that needs shoveling and if you didn’t have time to run the the grocery store last night, goPuff was there to do the heavy lifting for you. (You’re on your own with the shoveling, though.)

Back in the day, our shopping list would have included milk, eggs and bread, but according to the most popular items bought last night via goPuff, tastes in Philly are changing when it comes to storm preparation. Flamin’ Hot Cheetos will probably warm you up a lot faster than that loaf of bread anyway, right?

1.         Poland Spring Water

This isn’t so surprising unless you were planning on melting snow water. 

2.         Flamin’ Hot Cheetos

The munchies have the power to melt those chilly feelings away — at least while you’re eating them.

3.         Reese’s

Who could resist milk chocolate and peanut butter when it’s this cold out?

4.         Doritos – Nacho Cheese

You know what your snow day could use? More Doritos.

5.         Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked

This is an interesting choice, but if your heat is cranked up, cold treats work well. 

6.         Bagel Bites

Too cold to make breakfast (or lunch or dinner)? This is for you.

7.         Red Party Cups

Snowed in? It’s the perfect excuse for a party.

8.         Charmin Toilet Paper

You definitely don’t want to run out of this!

9.         Bounty Paper Towel

This is another wise choice.

10.       Glacier Freeze Gatorade

It may be cold out, but you still need to stay hydrated. 

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