Tougher rules now for city employees

Mayor Michael Nutter signed four executive orders yesterday barring nepotism, sexual harassment and accepting gifts while regulating the ability of city employees to moonlight. He conceded, however, that only an estimated 22,000 of the city’s 26,000 employees are bound to follow the new rules. Independently elected officials, their staff and some boards are exempt because they aren’t “executive-branch employees.”

“I’m not in charge of those other folks,” said Nutter, adding that he hoped they would follow suit independently. “I urge Council to adopt these policies as legislation to promote open, honest and transparent government that operates without undue and unfair influence.”

Though Council took up ethics reform last year — including legislation regarding non-working-hour political activities — most measures stalled. “You’ll have to ask Council,” Nutter said about whether other employees will soon be subject to similar restrictions.

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